Prax - Restaurant Review

Prax - Restaurant Review

A vibrant and comfy outlet in Barsha Heights works on the concept of the wok style cooking. It’s neither Chinese nor Thai. It has an Asian fusion cuisine that takes your taste buds on a spicy ride, powered with fresh zests and aromas.

It has a walled glass kitchen on one side, wherein you can have a look at the chefs while they are preparing your meals and some seating arrangement on the rest of the space. They have made the ambiance little creative with the menu on one wall and freestyle selection on the other wall above the kitchen.

Whether you go for takeaway or opt for dine-in in the restaurant itself, your food is served in sturdy American-style takeout boxes. The colorful neon graphics of Prax’s against black makes it look more stunning. You have a choice of either going freestyle, where you customize your meal with unlimited combinations of carbs, proteins, sauces, and fresh toppings or you can leave it to the Chef to prepare one of the Chef’s styles meals. Everything here is served in fixed grams and ingredients to keep the taste same every time.

Here is the list of appetizers and mains we relished there:

Chicken Siu Mai Dimsums  They serve three portions per serving. The dim sums come with Prax’s special chili sauce and soya sauce on the side. These dim sums had the absolute quantity of filling, were soft and perfectly cooked.

The Dynamite Shrimps  A new addition to the menu. It had a unique touch of Prax’s. They serve the sauce separately to maintain the crispiness. It’s flavorsome made us enjoy every bit of it. We thoroughly recommend trying this.

Veg Spring Rolls  The rolls were crisp, accompanied by a sweet chili sauce, which made it more delicious.

Go Freestyle. We went freestyle because we wanted to try this new concept of selecting your own. We were excited to try something which was not in their signature menu but within the present ingredients in the kitchen. We paired the Jasmine Rice with chicken tossed in their newly launched kimchi sauce enhanced with cabbage, snow peas, broccoli with a dash of sesame. And spring onions. We loved our freestyle choices and strongly recommend giving this a go and creating yourself a mouth smacking dish.

Go freestyle by Andre  Mr. Andre, The manager of the restaurant created our next dish. The well-balanced flavor made us wipe up the box in no time. This dish for us was certainly a win! Do ask him once, while selecting your freestyle, as he is the best to rely on for a mouthwatering meal. His hospitality guaranteed we had a good meal.

It had a very modest dessert menu. They recently launched two new items in their menu. Despite being utterly bloated, these desserts were so irresistible; we indulged in all four of them! Here are the details-

Coconut & Ginger  A creamy, thick base of coconut mousse with a hint of crystallized ginger. A bit Unusual one, but worth the try.

Date & Caramel desserts  His favorite out of the four. This was their classic creation with layers of date pulp and topped with some whipped cream

Strawberry glazed sponge with tres leches  A delicious sponge cake saturated in milk with a dash of strawberry pulp.

Chocolate Brownie with raspberry coulis  The dark chocolate brownie cake served with a strongly flavored raspberry coulis. They both contrasted with each other.

We look forward to trying out other combinations at Prax’s and recommend this restaurant for people looking for simple yet very flavorful Asian fusion cuisine.

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