5 reasons to learn a foreign language

5 reasons to learn a foreign language

Makes travel more fascinating

The knowledge of foreign language makes the trip more pleasant and more accessible. Even a handful of phrases add an element in your journey. Traveling is neither about spending a week in a luxurious resort nor just about taking beautiful pictures and posting them on Social networking channels. It’s all about exploring the beauty of the place, only imagine if you have some basic knowledge of the local language you can go as deep as you want, be it unlocking secrets about its history, its culture or the people.

Makes new friends, which may last forever

One of the first motivations to learn a new foreign language is meeting new people, understanding them, and developing a life long relationship.

There is a tendency to attract a large group of individuals when you speak in their native language. This makes you interesting. People will approach you. As they get impressed by looking at your efforts and curiousness to learn their language and in return, this tends to know more about you. They’ll want to talk to you more and more.

Trust us, if you can speak in two or more languages apart from your mother tongue, you’ll have tons of enchanting conversations on a range of topics than you ever would have had otherwise.

Makes you confident and boost your brain

Learning a new language is an incredibly pleasing experience and an intense confidence booster. Attempting a new language offers you distinctive wisdom of pride. Imagine you can travel the whole world without any mediator, all by yourself – that feeling is better than anything else.

Communicating in more than one language can increase your brain capacity, improves the memory power, helps in becoming more energetic, helps in taking quick decisions, and also enhances the speed while swapping between various tasks.

Makes your first language better

Do you know – Learning a new language can help you to understand your language better and also makes it simpler to know others when you learn a new language?

One of the unexpected aids we experienced while learning a new foreign language was the usage of vocabulary, tenses, pronunciation outlines of English. It also enriched our reading, writing, and listening skills.

Make a way to job opportunities

Can you think any better job wherein you get a chance to explore the world, fill your passport with the stamps around the world from all the business trips you’ll embark on? Nah!!

Today, businesses have gone global with offices, conferences, and clients worldwide. Hence, organizations need employees who can communicate with international agencies. The job market is competitive and getting tougher. Your resume should stand out from the crowd, and by adding a new language to your resume, the chances of getting your resume to shortlist are more than any other tom dick or harry.

Of course, it’s not easy to learn a new language, but it’s not impossible. There is no age to learn new things be it a language, it does take a little time and effort, but that effort is well worth it. And most crucial to learning a language is fun!

Yes, you can spend your entire life by communicating in English everywhere, but isn’t that boring? Be multilingual! Be fascinating! Be fun! Stand out!

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