5 reasons to learn a foreign language

The knowledge of foreign language makes the trip more pleasant and more accessible. Even a handful of phrases add an element in your journey. Traveling is neither about spending a week in a luxurious resort nor just about taking beautiful pictures and posting them on Social networking channels…

Bisso's Bakery - Restaurant Review

Thursday night, everybody was in a mood to enjoy the weekend. So we thought we would try a new place. Roaming in downtown, we landed our appetite at the Bisso's Bakery. Though it may look small at first glance, they have used the space wisely. The interior looks modern, especially the wall with the wooden fence with an exciting twist.

Chips n’ Dips : Review

Chips n’ Dips commenced by Mr. Ossama. They offer a wide range of healthy and tasty dips flavors influenced around the globe - for every sort of taste buds. You can smack the goodness of many countries through one platter. The flavors are purely homemade and healthy, ingredients are sourced from local markets.

Goddess of Greens!

Smoothies are my first love. And that’s how I usually bump my morning. So what did I make myself this morning? I thought of the one burst with spinach but cannot compromise with the yumminess, hence added juicy mangoes in it. So here are the quick steps for the healthy green smoothie.